Hello,In this post let’s see how to control and access our website from Remote location using FTP access.

Step 1:We need to create an FTP account in our server inorder to control the website from remote location.

*Login to your Control panel.

*Click on FTP Access in control panel.

*Click on Add an FTP account.

*Enter a account name for FTP.It acts as the username for FTP.

*Select the directory.It should be the directory of your website.

*Set a password.

*Provide Read and Write Permission based on your requirement.

*Now install Filezilla in your system.Here is the link

*Open Filezilla,

If you want to use a different FTP client, you need the following information to connect to your account:

  • Your web site’s domain name.
    • For FTP or FTPS with Windows hosting, you use a combination of your domain name and the server name. For example, if your domain name is, and your account is on server, then the FTP hostname is
  • The FTP account username:
    • For SFTP, you must use your cPanel username. Make sure you do not include your domain name. For example, type username, do not type
    • For FTP connection with cPanel, you can use either your cPanel username, or the username for an FTP user you have created in cPanel (for example,
    • For FTP or FTPS with Windows hosting, the username is a combination of an FTP user account in Plesk and the server name. For example, if you create a user in Plesk named kelly, and your account is on server, then the FTP username is mi3-wss3\kelly.
  • The password for the account you are using.
  • For SFTP connections, use port 7822.

*Once you are connected with your FTP,you will be able to access the files from your website.You can even download the file or edit/modify from your system.

Hope you understand the tutorial.Thanks for reading.

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