This is the continuation of my previous post.So if you are trying to configure a website from the scratch,Please follow  my last post here.

In this post we will look how to manage database in plesk control panel.Enter the plesk panel and under any of your website you can add or create your database.

Click on Add database

Here you will be prompted to enter a database name with predefined prefix .You can also create the username and password for the users to access the database.These creditentials can be used in your codes connection string and also used to view/modify the database tables.

Once if you create a database,click on database option under your website.

Here you can find your connection info,import,export database tables and even view your(mysql) tables from phpMyadmin panel.Incase if you are using sql server you will need a “Sql server managment studio and Sql express” installed in your system .You can provide your database username and password  to access the tables from Sql server managment studio.The login creditentials of your Database can be viewed from connection info.


If you are creating a Database from plesk panel,do remember to change your database name in the coding.Hope you understand to configure the Database.Thanks for reading.


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