This is the continuation of my previous post.So if you are trying to configure a website from the scratch,Please follow  my last post here.

In control panel,click on Websites and Domains.You can find Applications tab under any of your website.

There are lot of applications provided by the hosting providers.But here we will look at the installation of wordpress as it is widely considered as one of the best Web Application to develop websites.

Click on Applications>View all Applications

Search for WordPress and click on install .Wordpress will be installed in a minute or two.

Now click on the WordPress tab from the menu and your site name will be visible.

Click on login setup and you will be able to change your login creditentials.That’s all.Wordpress is now configured in your website.Type your Domain address and the default website will be visible.

To enter your Admin panel click on Domain name/wp-admin in the address bar.(


As soon as you login you will be able to find the wordpress menu at the left side.

Here you can add new post,develop a website using thousands of themes,you can look at the statistics of your website,develop a shopping cart,install plugins,upload images and videos and lot more.You can develop a professional ,standard website within a hour.

Hope you understand the configuration of wordpress .Thanks for reading.

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