This is the continuation of my previous post.So if you are trying to configure a website from the scratch,Please follow  my last post here.

Step 2: Buying a Host :

Ok. Assume we have a domain now.Our next step is to place the domain in a safe spot.So in order to make your domain visible to others ,we need to buy a Host.You probably will have a question now.Why do i need to host?

Answer is simple .If a user get into your domain ,they probably will find a webpage which includes images,data contents,forms or anything as you wish.So inorder to make this happen,we need a space,a database to store user’s data etc.etc.

There are lot of Hosting providers in internet.But i suggest you to go with the following review.


How Hosting can be chosen:

  • Supported database: It can be anything like Mysql,Sqlserver. For example,i have all my local data in SqlServer 2012.So of course i will go with the provider who support SqlServer 2012.
  • Supported Programming Languages:Check for the appropriate  programming languages they support and their versions.If you are programming in php or,you will need a provider who supports those languages.
  • Server Speed:The main factor you need to check is their speed.Because if your server is slow,your website will never load and you will need to wait for years to complete a single request.
  • Storage:There are lot of providers(almost everyone) provides unlimited storage.Look for them!!
  • Websites:It may be confusing.Imagine you have ten domains  with you.Now you need to park those domains in your host.So you need to look for someone who can afford ten websites(or unlimited).
  • SSL Certification:Look for some provider who gives away SSL and SSD for free.In order to make your site secure,you need those certificates.
  • Cost:You can find lot of advertisements like 1$/month,2$/month.Dont Believe on those things.Find someone who can afford your site for one year or more with minimum price.It can be as low as Rs.5000/per year(Beware).
  • Trust:This is the most important point because if they have all the above points and trust level is zero,your website,hardwork,time and money will be diminished in minutes.So make a research before you fall into something.

Where to Host:

Just make a search in google and you will find thousands of providers. My decision was A2Hosting . In my view,they are secure ,fast and they satisfy all my requirments.

  • Open A2Hosting from the following link : A2hosting.
  • There are different hosting types such as Shared,VPS,Cloud etc. and you can follow this link to know about the hosting types:Hosting Types.
  • Considering my requirement,i chose Shared Hosting.Here i share my space with many members and it can be afforded at very low cost.


  • Now you need to choose your platform like Windows or Linux.
  • They offer different plans for windows and linux.So be careful to choose the plan based on your requirment.
  • I was OK with swift plan which costs around 4600/year and it includes 50% offer.But if you are looking to configure a large database or website,go for Turbo plan(upto 20x Faster).
  • Select your plan,buy your first domain,make payment and now you are ready to access your control panel.
  • You can find your proiduct details in services tab.

Hope you found it useful.Thanks for reading!!


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